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Enya has now found her own family in Tromsø up north in Norway! It was hard to say goodbay to our beloved Enya, but we know she will get a super life with Tone Lise and her family, and we will see her again in only one month! Her family is going to Oslo for a vacation and we will meet them all then! We miss You a lot Enya and we wish you all the best in your new home!





The puppies are now three months old. Enya has not moved yet, but she is now looking for a good home, where she will get lots of love and afection. She is a tuff girl who likes everyone she meets, and she is active as well. Enya is beeing sold to reduced price. She is not for breeding. Please take contact by mail or telephone if interest.

Here are some pictures we took out in the sun yesterday.




We also took some new pictures of Embla who is staying in our kennel.







Enya and Embla that we still have at our home is growing soo fast! They are playing with eachother all day long!
The hairless boy has left to hes new family in Trondheim. He will be called "Jesper"!

Here is Jesper after the last bath at our house just before leaving.

And here is Jesper's owner Asle at Gardermoen airport

We wish Jesper all the best of luck with hes new family!


Here is some pictures of our girls:








The house is so empty now that three of our litle ones has left.. It was just as sad as we had imagined, but we are absolutly sure that they wil be cared for the best posible way at their new familys!

The PP boy found hes home in Bergen with Bente and her family. He wil be kalled "Pjokken" and that is a realy good name that sutes him wel! Here you can see our boys saying good bye to Pjokken after hes last bath at our house..




This is Bente, the new happy and proud owner, at Gardermoen airport

The very same night that Pjokken arrived at his new family he got his very own web site! His family wil post pictures here so we can follow him in hes new life!

Then the PP girl lady had to leave.. Here she is after her last bath at our house.

Her family did also travel a long way to get her, all the way from Stavanger! Lady is a lucky girl who wil be living with a PP girl-Bella and a big kind Berner Sennen dog-Tinka!


This is Lady's family

Then it was Aniza's turn to leave.. We went to her new home with her because she wil be living not so far from us! She wil live with Rita and her two children in Nittedal. And she also is a lucky girl who wil have a hairless "sister" called Rikke!

This is Aniza the night before she left.


And here she is with her happy new owner!


We wish you all the best of luck in youre new homes, and we hope you wil get many good years with your new familys! We already miss you a lot, but we are so greatful for the lovely time we had together! You are our first ones,and you wil always be stuck in our hearts! We are hoping to get lots of pictures of you so we can see how you are doing in youre new lifes!




Now the puppies are soon 8 weeks and ready to leave the nest... I do not think we are as ready as them... It wil be so strange to not have them around any more, but we know that they all are going to the best homes and we are hoping to keep the contakt with their new owners! We still have a few days to enjoy with them before they are leaving, and we are planning to do nothing but realy realy enjoy them! In the past days we have ben outside a lot in the sunshine, we have been visiting other dogs and people and we have also had visitors in our home. The puppies are exploring everything with great interest, and they all are tuff and unscared! Now "aunt Nori" is also participating in education,
and she loves to play with them also! The puppies has got a strong will now, and they let the whole world know what they mean!












It is amazing how fast the time passes when you are having fun...! The puppies are allready 6 weeks old and soon some are ready to leave us.. That is incredable sad...but we try not to think about that and just enjoy the time we have with them instead! And what a great time we are having!! The litle oneas are running around in our livingroom and making so much fun on their way! Our grown dogs are playing a lot with them, specially "uncle Ahros" who loves to have puppies all around him! Ha actually is participating in their education, and Alwa seems to think that is ok:o)
It is so much fun to sit and observe the instincts develop and see how they all learn from eachother!

Some pictures from the last week:











We have had so lovely weather the last days so the puppys got their first oportunity to discower the outside world from their own small paws! We have taken them for several small car drives also and non of them is getting car sick! We have also taken them to the zoo and to the school and to kindergarden to pick up our boys. They where kissed and loved by many children and also some addults on those trips! We also celebrated my fathers 60 birthday in our livingroom and the puppies ofcoars wasthe bigest attraction ;o) They spend most of the time walking around in our house with our other dogs now and it is clear that both puppies and grown dogs is liking it a lot!

Here are some pictures we took outside














The puppies are almost 4,5 weeks now. We have tried for a while to get good standing pictures of them, but that realy is not easy! Some didn't have any interest for the snacks we where ofering them, and some had TO MUCH interest;o)
Alwa is stil nursing her puppies a lot. She has so much milk that I sometimes have to help her to get some out before the puppies can feed from her. She loves to nurse them and the puppies loves it to ofcourse! Soon they wil start teething and I guess it wil be less nursing then ;o) Here are the standing pictures we managed to get, as usual in the order they where born:



Hairless boy






Puff boy




Few pictures of play and fun and exploration in the house








The puppies are developing so fast! They are already making tiny barking and growling sounds! Their personality is showing more and more for each day, and they are starting to pay more attention to eachother and everything that is happening around them! Thay have now got their first meal of solid food and we have also given them a bath and a shave!

Here comes some standing pictures of them all at 3 weeks old:

Black/white hairless girl



Hairless boy


Puff girl



Brown/white hairless girl



Puff boy


And dark hairless girl



Here is one hl girl enjoying with her mother...


Hl boy has fallen asleep...


Puff girl also slept a little..


Here she is wondering....
(She looks so cute and innocent, but I think she is wondering what the next mischief should be ...)


 Then it was time to eat... Yum yum.


They play a lot with each other now and they are just so lovely to watch!








Now things are really happening  fast! Our litle rascals are now trying to stand and walk on theire litle leggs! They are tumbelig around and they are so funny to watch! Alwa is still a super mom and she keeps the box clean at all times! She allows us to hold her litle babys but she still watches us closely! They all have theire eyes open now and theire sight increases for every day! They grow so fast that it almost seems like they have grown a litle if i have left them for a few of hours! It's almost scary how fast the time passes by... We are now looking forward to theire first bath and shave!

Here is some pictures taken when they were 17 days old.

Black/white hl girl,who's not so black any more, and who has her fathers eyes..


The HL boy who is the smallest of them all, his siblings often try to push him off the "best tits"
but he fights his way back to a good place!


The puff girl who reminds me so much of her mother, so feminine and what  a wonderfuel face!!...


The brown/white HL girl who is so calm, she loves to just lye on her back in our hands and look at us!


The puff boy who was smallest from birth, but now soon is the biggest!
He likes to lye by him self and seems very calm an independant!


The black HL girl who not is so black anymore either.. She just LOVES food and has a very strong will!




Some of the cuties is now looking out in the great big world! We have been seeing the last few days that their eyes has ben mooving underneath the eyelids... So we understod that it was not long before someting would happend.. The puff girl opened both of her eyes at saturday night, and sunday two of the hairless girls had one eye open each ;o)
To day almost all eyes are open!

It's not easy to get good pictures of them with their eyes open, but we got three nice ones!

Black/white hairless girl


Brown/white hairless girl


Puff girl




The time flyes so fast when your having fun! Cant believe that one week has passed already.. Two of the puppies has now gotten their pedigree names:
-The hairless boy - "Fluffysteps Amazingly Loud'n Proud"
-The puff boy - "Fluffysteps Aces Poker Joker"

We have more names ready for the rest, but we want to wait and see who fits which name.. We have had some troubles with diarea and rock hard tits.. But with good advices from good friends we have got throu it nicely!

Here is some new pictures of  the puppies on their one week day :

The black/white hairless girl

The hairless boy


The puff girl


The brown/white hairless


The puff boy


The black hairless girl


And here is three lovely pictures of the puff girl after a nice meal ;o)






We have moved the whelpingbox to our bedroom, because we felt that Alwa needed more peace and quiet then she could get in our livingroom.. We think that this was a good dissision, because she seems very relaxed now! She is enjoying beeing with her puppies!

Here is some pictures from the whelpingbox :







Finally the litle creatures came!! A wonderful litter with a very nice blend of sex,colores and hair varietys! We are enjoying the sight of the beautiful litle ones, and can bearly leave the whelpingbox..

Here is some pictures of our pride and joys :

Puppy 1. Black and white naked girl. Came at 15,15 o'clock .weight: 176 grams!


Puppy 2. Brown and white naked boy. Born at 16.14 o'clock. Weight 185 grams!


Puppy 3. Brown puff girl. Born at 16.20 o'clock. Weight : 172 grams!


Puppy 4. Brown and white naked girl. Born at 17.02.o'clock. Weight :179 grams!


Puppy 5. Brown and white puff boy. Born at 17.25 o'clock. Weight : 169 grams!


Puppy 6. Black naked girl. Born at 18.39 o'clock. Weight 200 grams!


All 6 puppies are fine and enjoying life with their mother! Alwa is a super mum and she takes good care of her cute litle ones!