Knees: Normal 09
Heart: Normal 09
Cerf: Normal 09 + 10 + 11
Kcs: Normal 09 + 10
Prcd-Pra: clear
PLL: clear

Ahros' pedigree

Ahros is co owned with kennel De La Mahafus in Sweeden. He is a funny guy who always is in a good mood! He is very frisky and jumps extreemly high with great body conrol! Ahros is active-but not as activ as Noiriele, and calm-but not as calm as Alwa. He ' s a little picky and do absolutely not eat everything!

He is the fastest runner I have ever seen! No one can keep up with him when he gets started! He tries to be a “hunter” when we are walking in the forest, and once he chased a moose for about five minuts!