Knees: Normal 08+09
Heart: Normal 09
Hips: Normal 08
Cerf: Normal 08 + 09 + 10 + 11
Kcs: Normal 08+09
Prcd-Pra: clear
PLL: clear

Alwa's pedigree

Alwa is a calm and steady girl. She is not easy frightened but she always wants to tell us in her own way, about things she sees and hears. She is a happy girl who loves everybody, and she runs straight up to everyone she sees! She likes long walks, but not when it's wet ;o) Alwa often get the urge to let out some energy , and then she runs and runs and RUNS like a wind!

Alwa is easy to train, she is a fast learner. She talks a lot when it ' s something she wants, for example when she wants some attention. She absolutely loves children! She has a strong will and she's very independent, and she is also the leader of the pack in our house. She LOVES food and she eats everything she gets served!