Knees: Normal 10
Heart : Normal 10
KCS-affected- STT 5/20


Baloo's pedigree

Baloo has finaly arrieved! He is co owned with kennel Lixima and he is such a lovely boy and I am completely in love with him! He has a strong body (just like I love! ) a beautiful expression and he's personality is just adorable! He is always happy and waging he's tail and he is absolutly crazy about food and snacks! He's so calm and loving and not afraid of anything! It is very clear that he has been loved he's whole life by those caring for him, and for that we are forever thankful to he's breeder Katya in kennel showplace, and to Christa and Mia in Kennel Maybels where he stayed for 4 months before coming to Norway! He would never be what he is to day without youre loving hands! THANK YOU!!! Sadly Baloo is KCS affected and he is therfore no longer a part of our breedingplans.