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Our litle black beauty is allready 6 weeks old! She is a litle spiold i must say.. I guess thats how it is when you are a only child;o) She has a strong will and knows werry well what she wants and not! She has ben "out grown" by all Alwas babies.. Qute as honny and suger...<3





Now Queeny is eating solid food! She does not take very much, I think it's because she likes what Nori can offer her a lot better;o) She is now running around in the house and the garden, trying to play with the other dogs! They doesn't quite understand that she is "playable" yet , but they let her bite their ears and their tails, and studies her with great interest!  It is so fun to watch her stumbling around- trying to run but the legs want always keep up...:oD





The time is passing so fast and Queeny is allready 3 weeks old now! She has learned how to walk, although she is a "bit" unsteady... She likes to be outside in the garden with our other dogs, and she even goes to the toilet on the grass when she has the opportunity! She is so small that when the grass is a litle long she almost disapears..LOL Soon we wil let her taste some solid food, but we wil wait until she is no longer happy with only milk from her mother.





Nori's puppy has finaly got a name-Queeny! A name suitable for a litle royal girl ;o) Queeny is trying to walk now but it looks like she is a litle bit to heavy... She almost gets up on her legs, but then they just slides out to the sides.. I gues its not long before she manages! She is sooo sweet and calm, but when she wants something, she knows how to let us know;o) She loves attention and she gets a lot of it! Both from her mum and from all the people in the house.





The litle baby is not so litle any more.. She is getting all the milk for her self, so I gues it is only natural that she is a litle chubby... She is so black and so beautiful and I am so locking forward to se her develop!





The litle girl have allready opened her eyes!





Our litle black beauty is growing fast! This first week she has actually gained 200 grams!! Nori is such a great mother for her litle princess-mother and child is inseparable! And I have a feeling that they wil be that for the rest of their lifes...<3





Nori had just ONE puppy inside of her! One puppy, who was exactly what I was wishing for- A black pp girl!!! Sadly she had to go thru a caesarean because the birth did not start on its own.. We can not know for sure why it did not start on its own but probably it is because the one puppy did not produce enough hormons for the birth to begin.. The black litle miracle weighed 175 gr at birth, and she was remarkably strong and vivid to be a "caesarean puppy"!! Nori did not understand much when she woke up and found a litle creature drinking milk form her... She had a hard time understanding and axepting that she had become a mother at first, but when she did -she did it to the max!! She is guarding her treasure with her whole hart now, and they are so sweet together!