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The time is just flying! The puppies are allready 5,5 weeks old! It is just so much fun watching them play with eachother and with their mum<3 They are developing very nice with strong bodys just as I like! We have been on several rides in our car  with them and thankfully no one is carsick!! They are all very happy and outgoing, and they give out a lot of kisses to everone they meet:o)







The puppies are now playing with eachother and eating solid foood! Alwa is still feeding them alot and they like her food better than what I can offer them;o)  They have got their first shave and they look sooo cute<3







The puppies are growing lik crazy! When they was exactly 2 weeks old their wieght was between 551 gr and 789 gr!  The biggest ones has actually almost catched up with Nori's girl ,who's two weeks older! Alwas milk is obviously extra superduper! The puppies are lively and strong and makes a lot of noise when they are hungry! Their eyes opened between day 13-15 and now they are all loking out on the world! Just the last days they have started to pay attention to each other tasting and biting eachothers ears! Their personality is showing more and more and it is so fun to upserve them! Soon it is allready time for solid food and their first shave!

Here are some pictures taken over the last week:









Alwa is such a good mother for her puppies! It is just a joy to see! She spends all her time in the box, caring for them and kissing them and just enjoying to be with them! All the puppies are eating well and has gained between 150 and 250 gr!







Finally they are here! On Alwa's day 67 the puppies decided to come out to the world! Alwa had a hard night with many hours of pain, But she did so wel my wonderful girl!

First at 14.43 o'clock came a beautiful pp girl - 150 gr.


The second puppy,a tricolor pp girl, was stuck for a whild, but alwa "walked her out" at 15.55 o'clock, and no wonder she was stuck-she weighed 233 gr!!


Third puppy came almost unnoticed only few minuts after the big girl. At 16.00 o'clokc a dark brown and black hairy hairless boy who weighed 170 gr entered the world!


Then another hairless boy came, at 16.30 o'clock. He was brown and white and weighed 228 gr!!


The last puppy was a light brown and white pp boy! He came at 17.00 o'clock and he also was a big boy-235 gr!


So...three out of five puppies weighed about 230 gr! No wonder they where kicking so hard inside theire mothers belly!! They are all doing very good and they found their way to the "milkbar" all by them selfs;o) Alwa is a very proud mother and it is easy to see that she knows the drill now! She is so calm and just knows what needs to be done!