Knees: Normal 11 +13
Heart: Normal 11+13
Cerf: Normal 10 + 11+13 
Kcs: Normal 10 + 11 +13
Prcd-Pra: Clear By Default
PLL: Clear

Embla's pedigree

Embla is from our first litter, she ' s Alwa ' s puppy and Noriele ' s half sister. She is our precious baby and she always wil be.. This girl is very feminine and “girly” in both looks and behavior. She is a typical sofa dog, who loves to stay in the sofa all day, and just cuddle and sleep.

She has a big need for attention and she does not ask for it-she demands it! She will newer take NO for a NO! She is totally crazy about food and snacks this one, so she is unfortunately always a litle heavier than she should be.. But hopefully she will get fitter when she grows up.