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Millie's pedigree

This girl is so much like her mother in both looks and ways. So calm and loving and to times almost a litle lazy, but other times she is like a huricane! She loves all people she meets and she is very outgoing. Her sweet face is adorable and its hard to resist her big blinking eyes when she wants something. like for example your food..She wil work hard to get it if she can. She wil walk on the table or even try to jump on to the kitchen counter.. And it seems like she actually believe that all the food that she see is ment for her and no one else! In other words she is a determind girl who absolutly LOVES food!!

Millie is enjoying life in Drammen with her family and we are going to have one litter by her in 2012 if all health results are ok. After that litter she wil no longer be owned by kennel Fluffysteps.