Knees: Normal 08+09
Heart: Normal 09
Hips: Normal 08
Cerf: Normal 08 + 09 + 10 + 11
Kcs: Normal 08 + 09 + 11
Prcd-Pra: clear
PLL: clear

Noiriele's pedigree

Noiriele is a playful girl with lots and lots of energy! She is always jumping and happy, and has many kisses for everyone she meets. She came in to our house with an attitude like she owned the world! She loves to bee stroked on her chest, and when she wants to be stroked, she demands it! She uses her forelegs to poke us to tell us what she wants. If she gets the opportunity to play she will always choose that instead of being stroked!

If you're missing a shoe or a sock be sure to look where Noiriele is! She has call names like: crazy, energica, shoe thief, wild thing and so on.... When she is active she's REALLY active! Noiriele is absolutely crazy about food, and she'll do ANYTHING for a snack! She loves children and she often choose to sit and play with our little boys.