Knees: Normal 12
Heart: Normal 12
Cerf: Normal 12
Kcs: Normal 12
Prcd-Pra: Clear by default
PLL: Clear by default

Queeny's pedigree

Our onlychild...Who definently acts like just a onlychild can do...! She truly believes that she is the center of the world for each and every one she meets, and she just can not accept that this is not the case...atleast not for everyone...;o) She is however somwhat a center in my life, wich she knows very very well..! She also absolutly knows how to use this to her benefits! My heart is so incredably soft for this girl and I just love her to bits!

To get attention she makes the crazyest sounds I have ever heard come out of a dog, while she's smiling and showing her teeths...!! All this while also jumping up and down! And this one is not just wagging her's wagging her whole body !! It is an hilarious sight I must say, and I am actually impressed that she is putting up this act every time she meets someone !! And just like her mother she is a thief.. Always stealing everything she can get hold of! Socks, pencils,hairbrushes and her favourite: litle screws...! So as you understand this girl is a special girl in many ways <3